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Diamond Books

  Diamond Book: A Practical Guide for Successful Investing
by: Michael Freedman
  Diamond cutting : a complete guide to diamond processing
by: Basil Watermeyer
  The rise and fall of diamonds
by: Jean-Francois Moyersoen
  A comparison of diamonds with other investment media: executive report on investment diamonds
by: Jean-Francois Moyersoen
  The diamond fields of southern Africa
by: Percy Albert Wagner
  The diamond mines of South Africa: some account of their rise and development
by: Gardner F. Williams
  The official investors guide : buying, selling diamonds
by: Marc Hudgeons
  The diamond formula: diamond synthesis- -a gemmological perspective
by: Cally Hall, Harry Taylor
The clearest recognition guides available.
  Smithsonian Handbooks Gemstones
by: A.S. Barnard
  How to buy diamonds: an essential guidebook
by: Douglas B. Smith
  The diamond connection : a manual for investors
by: Antony C. Sutton
  Consumer’s guide to buying & selling gold, silver, and diamonds
by: I. Jack Brod with Tad Tuleja
  Gemstones for everyone
by: B. W. Anderson
  Gems: the world’s greatest treasures and their stories
by: Bernhard Graf
by: Cally Obdershaw, Christine Woodward, and Roger Harding
  Gemstones : symbols of beauty and power
by: Eduard Gübelin and Franz-Xaver Erni with photographic contributions by Erica and Harold Van Pelt
  The National Gem Collection
by: Jeffrey E. Post with photographs by Chip Clark
  How to Buy a Diamond: Insider Secrets to Getting Your Money's Worth (3rd Edition)
by: Fred Cuellar
Gives you insight on how diamonds are rated "The 4 C's" and gives you suggestions on what to look for based on what type of buyer you are. Very informative and highly recommended.
  Diamonds for Profit
by: Fred Cuellar
Learn to "Treasure Hunt" for diamonds and jewelry in the classified ads, going out of business sales, and auctions. Demonstrates how to make money by determining the immediate cash liquidity of your jewelry.
  Consumer Guide to Diamonds, 2nd edition
by: Joseph Mirsky
Explanations are clear, objective, comprehensive and honest. An emphasis on the importance of the quality of the cut in determining the beauty of a diamond. Worth its weight in Diamonds.
  The Secrets to Buying Diamonds
by: Michael A. Rogers G.G.
This very easy to read and extremely informative work was written by an actual appraiser.
  Diamonds: Know What You Are Buying & Selling
by: Benjamin Tadena
An excellent book for anyone buying or selling a diamond. A very informative and in-depth look at the finer points of picking out diamonds and their good qualities and how to spot imperfections.

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