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Investing in Gemstones as an Alternative Asset Class.

Global Gemstone Management Services, Ltd. specializes in investment portfolio diversification and capital preservation through world-class, one of a kind, precious gemstone acquisition and investment.  We have been effectively doing this for ourselves and our clients since 1926.  We are the oldest and largest company of this kind in the world and we have the rock solid global industry experience and gemological expertise upon which you can confidently build your precious families future.

Global Gemstone was formed to effectively target and service the developing market throughout the world of a growing number of high net-worth clients that have a very strong, yet unique need for initial world-class precious gemstone portfolio acquisitions, portfolio management, direct access to liquidity, experienced investment gemstone industry oversight and a focused expert guidance for the development of our client's hard asset portfolios.  Today, proactive investment portfolio risk management demands diversification and precious gemstone investment serves as an excellent alternative asset class.  Precious gemstone investment offers a proven track record and solid foundation to establish a long-term preservation of capital and a unique way to hedge highly volatile investment portfolio risks.

Call our Private Client Group today for a confidential discussion with one of our gemstone portfolio managers on how we may be of help to you and your investment objectives and overall investment portfolio diversification needs.  Gemstone Investment is not for everyone but if you qualify, we are confident you will be very glad you found us and we will do our very best to honor the precious trust you put in us.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Minimum Portfolio Size: $700,000.

Client's Minimum Required Net Worth: $8,000,000.

1 800 833-GEMS (Within the USA)
1 828 264-2793 (Internationally)
1 828 264-2430 (Fax)

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